About Chairman

An  eminent  professional,  educationist  and  nationalist,  Prabhakar  Singh  has  gained  a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in his career. His raise to prominence  in  such  a  short  span  can  be  attributed  to  his  strong  will  power,  caliber,  conviction, dedication and leadership quality.  Prabhakar Singh comes from a remote part of Uttar Pradesh, District Jaunpur, he nurtures a sense of pride in his roots that lie in the great tradition and glorious history of the country. He started his life in a very remote area and gradually rose to become one of the pioneering educationists of Jaunpur also making an impact throughout the country India, and across 54 nations.  He  has  worked  with  several  educational  Institutions across  the  globe,  to  spread awareness among the young generation, belonging to rural areas, and more specifically, to under-privileged classes of society. He strongly believes that the  young generation is truly sincere,  dedicated  and  keen  to  adopt  new  practices  of  learning.  They  can  enter  any challenging  arena  and  achieve  success  if  they  receive  focused  attention, inspiring atmosphere and a bit of extra care.   
Prabhakar Singh has made a distinct contribution to modernizing and revitalizing the existing education system that had lost its vigor and become rusted over time. Prabhakar Singh’s name should feature at the top for reinvigorating our education system as well as for offering modern but value-based education to the young generation.  He is of the view that in order to educate the young generation in the present scenario, the education providers (teachers) should also be regularly updated, trained and motivated. 
Only then there is a possibility to convert the young generation into responsible, confident  and self-reliant youth of the country.   Therefore, he has developed a new mechanism to train the teachers in his model institutions on a regular basis. His idea is that teachers should become mentors to their students. Mentors refer  to  such  personalities  who  stand  apart  from  the  rest  by  virtue  of  their  deeds  and achievements,  so  that  students  get  pepped  up  by  looking  up  to  their  mentors  and  their stupendous feats. However, mentors not only leave their lasting footprints on the making of a society but also, and more importantly, inspire others to follow in their footsteps and attain bigger  goals  for  the  common  good  of  mankind.  Therefore  he  has  developed counseling/mentoring system in his Educational Institutions.   
From time to time, many eminent Indians from all walks of life have stepped forward to show their mettle. It is an immense pleasure to state that Prabhakar Singh is the Founder of the  Campaign- SAVE INDIAN EDUCATION THROUGH INNOVATION IN INDIAN EDUCATION, which has emerged as a  unique seat  of learning for  both  schooling and  higher  education. It  further  adds  to  my  pleasure to bring to the notice the fact that the organization SIETIIE Innovation & Research Organization has been able to achieve its avowed purpose of making schooling, higher and  technical education accessible to the weaker and deprived sections of our society.  
Prabhakar  Singh  has  always  been  at  the  vanguard  of  the  social  and  value  awakening movement that has exercised a tremendous impact on the minds of conscious individuals. He realizes that national renaissance can be achieved through the gates of politics. Reason why he puts himself to step forward into politics.   He devoted himself to the field of education. He is a true educationist who has always been in search of new and innovative methods of teaching that would create interest in the minds of the young generation. Prabhakar Singh always likes to discuss with the students the purpose of education, which, according to him, is not merely to pass examinations after learning a few facts and acquiring some skills, but to understand the complexity of life. He urges the students to appreciate their role in the creation of a ‘new’ world that will exist without fear, conflict  or  contradiction.  This  can  be  achieved  only  if  ‘right education’  is  provided  in  an atmosphere where intelligence and goodness could be nurtured without any fear.  Prabhakar Singh has an indefatigable spirit. He is aggressive in his style of working, vigorous in pursuing his objectives and always committed to put all his energy and resources to work till the goal is achieved. He is courageous and works with utmost passion, honesty, dedication and integrity. He gives due respect to everyone around him possessing similar attitude.  He is truly a social reformer. He likes to promote values and spread feeling of nationalism, cooperation, love and kindness among the people. As he enters the arena of schooling and higher education. He works round-the-clock with determination, dedication, discipline and devotion, and  to  him,  ‘work  is  worship’.  A  strong  believer  in  team  work,  he  ensures  the involvement  of  all  team  members  in  the  process  of  decision  making.  He  takes  up  all assignments with great enthusiasm and shoulders the responsibilities for the outcome of all decisions.  He  loves  to  work  with  the  young  generation  so  as  to  help  them  emerge  as confident, responsible and self-reliant citizens in future. He has a special fascination to be in touch with honest, patriotic, courageous, hardworking and sincere personalities, making their 
contribution in public life or in government departments.  

His mission is: -  
- To serve people with all his ability and resources.  
- To work with dedication and support all activities, which are designed to serve our society and nation.  
- To work for changing the present system of governance and to make it more responsible and accountable to suit the requirement of the nation and its citizens to the best possible extent.   
•  Received IAO Certification From USA In 2012.   
•  Successfully  Organized  International  Online  Conference  In  2013  on  INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION with 54 Educationalists from 50 countries.  
•  Successfully made a joint venture with SRMA Consulting Serbia, Accent Pro Canada, Trippins Australia In 2014.  
•  Successfully organized Social Campaign MISSION TO MAKE JAUNPUR SKILLED JAUNPUR where 20,000 people were benefited on this Campaign from 2014-15.  
•  Initiated Awareness Program REFORMATION IN UP EDUCATION in 25 districts of Uttar Pradesh in 2016-17.   
•  Initiated  National  Campaign  SAVE  INDIAN  EDUCATION  THROUGH  INNOVATION  IN INDIAN  EDUCATION  which  gave  an  opportunity  to  address  5  lakhs  students,  5000 Teachers, Professors and 2000 Parents from 2018-19.  
•  Organized National Conference on December 28 th  & 29 th  at Jaunpur under the theme SAVE INDIAN EDUCATION THROUGH INNOVATION IN INDIAN EDUCATION  with 29 States and Union Territories School Principals, Professors, Vice Chancellors, Pro- Vice  Chancellors,  IIT  Delhi  Director,  IMA  Chairman,  AICTE  Director,  and  Associate Directors participated.  
Innovation & Research Organization, in which 29 States & Union Territories of India, Principals, Professors, Vice Chancellors, Pro- Vice Chancellors, IIT Directors, AICTE Directors and Associate Directors are part of the program as the stake holders of the organization. 
•  Conducted Faculty Development Program at Quindio University Colombia in 2020.  
•  Invited  as  Special  Guest  on  a  Colombian  Radio  Language  Program  which  was broadcasted in 11 Countries in Latin America, and Asia.  
•  Consulted and imparted FDP Training to Universities and Colleges from Oct 2017 – Nov 2019  
•  Worked as an Expert in Translation and Interpretation at Quindio University Colombia In 2018  
•  Chairman to SIETIIE Innovation & Research Organization.  
English Linguistic & Literature   Lovely Professional University    Grade  achieved:  68%  -  2014  –  2016  Relevant Modules:  
•  Good Communication Skills   
•  Sociolinguistics    
•  The Policy Process   B.A (Hons) Sociology, Philosophy, English   V.B.S.P.U University  Grade achieved: 2nd - 2011 – 2014  
•  Work Based Learning  •  Socio Control and the City College of Public Speaking (2015)  
•  Public  Speaking  and  Communications,    Politics:  An  Introduction  –  JKD  (2014) 
Relevant Modules:  
•  Sociological Theory  
•  Quantitative Social Research Methods  
•  Thinking Sociologically: Approaches To Social Enquiries  
•  Policy Making, Strategy Making, Drafting, Execution.   
•  Presentation  skills:  Adept  at  delivering  effective  and  engaging  talks  and presentations to a broad range of audiences.   
•  People  skills:  I  thrive  in  situations  where  I  can  meet  people,  have  informal conversations and offer my assistance to them.   
•  Excellent memory: Ability to remember intricate details without having to refer to notes.  
•  Excellent  Leadership  Skills:  Leading  more  than  200  Educationalist  and  engage them to work as team with my Innovative thoughts and creativity.  
•  Public Dealing and Marketing, Financial Management  
•  Public Relations  
Nature of work:  
•  Conducting Research both independently and via Researchers on various issues in beads to understand the need of the community.  
•  Visiting Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the country to create awareness amongst Indian Educationalists and its community.  

•  Advocates the rights of the community on social issues related to housing, social services, schools rights, environment and transportation.  
•  Leading awareness program for Parenting in districts of India.   
•  Counselling programs for residents with societal issues.  
•  Made  a  joint  venture  with  Accent  Pro  Canada,  SRMA  Consultancy  Serbia  on January 2014 – December 2016.   
•  Prepared Lecture slides, Module Descriptions, tutorials, assignment briefs and tools for courses.  
•  Delivered  Exciting  and  Engaging  presentations  at  SRMA  Consultation  program, Serbia.  
•  Invigilated students’ essays, exams and dissertations for Accent Pro Canada.  
•  Supported  students  with  modules  via  one-to-one/group  consultation  through emails, and Skype.  
•  Supervised SRMA Consultancy in India.  
•  Director to Accent Pro, Ideal Technology and networking college operations in India from January 2012 – December 2014.     
•  Organized  International  Conference  on  Intercultural  Communication  with  54 Educationalists from 50 countries.   
•  Incorporated  Ideal  TNC  Communication  classes  In  Jaunpur  from  June  2007  – December 2012         
•  Curriculum Developer Trainer.  
Prabhakar Singh  
Vill Faridpur,   
Post Maharupur   
Jaunpur: 222180,   
Uttar Pradesh  Email: prabhakarsingh905@gmail.com