Environment Protection Mission

IDEAL provides leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations. To define environmental awareness we must first understand the environmentalist movement. Environmentalism is an ideology that evokes the necessity and responsibility of humans to respect, protect, and preserve the natural world from its anthropogenic afflictions.

IDEAL Environmental awareness is an integral part of the movement’s success. By teaching our friends and family that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable, we can begin fixing the problems that threaten it.

Numerous resources are available in IDEAL to promote environmental awareness and education: group learning (inside or outside of the classroom), informational and inspirational seminars, online courses, books, articles, videos, and brochures are just a few of the tools that can get you involved in promoting the environment.

IDEAL WORLD EDUCATION has a vision to clean the environment, it is a basic right of any citizen and it is the current generation's responsibility to pass a healthy and clean environment to the next generation. IDEAL works towards maintaining a healthy, natural environment by protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural resources and the ecological communities that inhabit them, in the following ways:

IDEAL Plantation Drive- Go green Initiative we run across the globe which is much needed at this current scenario.

Heritage Conservation Drive- For conservation initiatives to be effective and fully address the human aspect of conservation, IDEAL guide the planning, implementation and monitoring of conservation initiatives at global level.

 Development of Man Made forest drive- with this drive we can do  watershed protection, prevent soil erosion and mitigate climate change.

Water bodies cleanliness drive-  in this drive Water sources including rivers, public wells, ponds and natural streams flowing in different region of the world  get a major restoration and cleaning-up drive with public participation.
The civic body along with local volunteers will take up revamping and conservation of natural water sources to curb its slow death due to pollution.